Mathematics Resource Wiki

Check out  the Mathematics Resource Wiki for the Inner West Partnership. The site is full of classroom resources and assessment tasks for all areas of the Mathematics Australian Curriculum. Every resource has been used successfully in a  classroom setting. The ideas within each resource can easily be adapted or modified to suit alternative year levels or purposes.


Australian Curriculum English Overviews F-7

See the English page for Australian Curriculum Overviews for English F-7, to assist with planning or as a handout for parents.

ACv7.3 English Overview YearF

ACv7.3 English Overview Year1

ACv7.3 English Overview Year2

ACv7.3 English Overview Year3

ACv7.3 English Overview Year4

ACv7.3 English Overview Year5

ACv7.3 English Overview Year6

ACv7.3 English Overview Year7

Australian Curriculum Mathematics Overview pages V7.0

Check out the Mathematics page for Foundation to Year 7 overview pages of the Mathematics Australian Curriculum V7.0. Each overview shows the year level description/proficiency strands, achievement standard and content descriptors. The overviews can also be shared with parents to help them understand what is required at each year level.

ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Foundation ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Year1 ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Year2 ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Year3 ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Year4 ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Year5 ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Year6 ACv7.0 Mathematics Overview Year7